Olli Nick's score is still continuous, when Bill hit the third, Olli Nick immediately a long shot, Bill followed by playing four points hit, the two sides of the points closer to 4 points, and Is Olli Nick raid layup. Bill bite two free throws Tom Kuhnhackl Jersey, or Olli Nick basket basket hit, Morris completed the deduction, is still the top of the Olinic arc, the difference will be widened to double digits Craig Adams Jersey. Is the so-called piecemeal is not terrible, but once the score into a string, for the morale of the blow on the big. So it can be so to speak, in the bayonet see the red end, Olliniq became the real X factor. In the Spurs' defense, the Warriors first shot only four times, and no one hit. At the same time, because the Spurs to expand the defense Thomas Greiss Jersey, Leonard, Green, Mills and Ade have a good mobility, interference opponents pass, the Warriors rarely appear unnecessary mistakes, the first section reached 6 times. With the defensive limit after the Warriors, the Spurs back to the offensive end as far as possible to hit the basket, play Ade and Pau Gasol's high degree of advantage, as well as Leonard's continuous breakthrough. The first section of the game, the Spurs in the restricted area 12 cast 9 crazy cut 18 points, than the Warriors team score should be high single And to the end of the first half Matt Murray Jersey, the Spurs in the restricted area 23 of 17 shots, inside scoring to 34 points.