Very often, the story will appear bizarre script, such as Ollini Nick. The third game, the Canadians to Ubud that elbow, causing the Wizards up and down the resentment Daniel Sprong Jersey. But also make the media uproar, on the "he and Green who is more dirty," the vote, was speculation uproar, until Pachulia on a scene turned out to be the end of "who is the league's first dirty" this topic. However, today's war, Olynik as a substitute debut Dominik Uher Jersey, scored 26 points and 5 rebounds and 4 assists, the performance of the extremely brave, can be described as their own power Daniel Winnik Jersey, playing off opponents. Regardless of whether Popovich is putting smoke bombs, whether or not Leonard really wants to truce, it is certain that for the second game of the Western Conference, the Spurs will not give up. Even if Leonard does not play, the Spurs still hold the biggest dislocation advantage of this series Sidney Crosby Jersey, that is, coach Bobovich VS Warriors Temp coach Mike Brown. NBA in Chicago is in full swing to hold a joint trial, but the headlines is not what the players of the stunning performance or super sportsman's physical quality, but the team made the strange question. Among them, the most wonderful question is "you want to die in what way."